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Job Description

Virtual Assistant/ Data Entry-Part-Time Remote

To create, capture, and maintain our digital database, we require a diligent work-from-home Data Entry Operator. You will need to gather, combine, and format papers for data entry, look through documents for faults, input data and update the database, and maintain digital file systems as a skilled data entry operator.

For success as a data entry operator, you must possess great typing abilities and attention to detail. Data entry specialists should be able to spot problems in data promptly and work precisely.

Product Manager Remote jobs

Online Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities:

  • Documents, materials, and information are collected, compiled, and organised in preparation for data entry.
  • Researching to locate missing documents and materials.
  • I am making digital copies of paper or voice recordings.
  • Examining and reporting any errors or inconsistencies in all documents and information to the supervisor.
  • Regular backups and data capture into digital databases.
  • Databases, archives, and filing systems must all be updated and maintained regularly.
  • Monitoring and reviewing databases, as well as error and inconsistency correction.
  • Generate and export data reports, spreadsheets, and documents as needed.
  • Clerical duties include filing, inventory control, scanning, and printing.

Feel free to apply because no experience is required for this entry level data entry jobs position and anyone can apply for this easy remote jobs hiring now posItion.

Work Schedule

This job has the following work schedule:

  • Flexible
  • 10 to 20 hours/week

Benefits & Perks

This job has the following benefits:

  • Remote work flexibility

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