Senior Data Engineer

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Job Description

Senior Data Engineer

The data that we have at Wealthfront is very valuable – client financial behavior. It is extremely useful to help our clients make the best financial decisions for themselves and for our business to provide the right products and services.
As a Wealthfront Data Engineer, you will work closely with Data Scientists, Product Managers, Marketing and Finance. You will understand the problem they are trying to solve, questions they are trying to answer. At times, you will also suggest questions they should consider. As you understand their needs, you will provide them with timely and high quality data sets. As part of an agile team, you will prioritize the highest impact work and then take ownership of the outcomes – not just be a cog in a giant wheel. Data is a huge enabler and your role is critical to make sure that products and processes are enabled with the right data available for consumption in a cloud native data platform.

As a Data Engineer, you will:

    • Enable data scientists, analysts, product managers, business functions by curating the data sets that they need
    • Model the business data layer (normalized and denormalized) that will expose the data in terms of business entities
    • Design, build and deploy scalable and reliable data pipelines (using SQL or other languages) to move and transform data to create business entities
    • Maintain a data catalog of business entities and their attributes to help others understand data semantics
    • Be extremely vigilant and proactive about data quality. Data quality as measured by axes like completeness, consistency, and timeliness should be of paramount importance to you and you should be quantitative in addressing data quality
    • Manage reporting and dashboarding tools used by direct stakeholders, executives, product management and a diverse set of teams across the company to transform data into meaningful insights
    • Help define and maintain company wide metrics and deploy them with data quality checks
    • Build a new best-of-breed data access layer on top of the data platform (Presto/Athena, S3, Redshift) to expose data to all stakeholders
    • Become a subject matter expert in various areas regarding the data at Wealthfront including domains of data like clickstream, product usage, cash and investment accounts
    • Collaborate with data platform engineering, product, analytics, data science and other teams
    • Be an integral part of scrum team to deliver on commitments on time and with good quality

Education, Skills, and Experience

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related STEM fields is required plus experience in similar roles for 5+ years; Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related STEM fields with 3+ years of experience in a similar role is preferred. The position requires specialized knowledge and training in data processing and visualization techniques.
    • Analytical ability and deductive reasoning
    • Good communication skills both oral and written. Can manage stakeholder communications and priorities directly
    • Responsive, team-oriented and comfortable working in a dynamic organization with healthy balance of empowerment, structure/process, and mentorship from experienced engineers
    • Strong work ethics and ability to collaborate to get to results
    • Passionate and detail-oriented about producing high-quality data and analytics, often with requirements that are open-ended
    • Expert level SQL knowledge to manipulate data in RDBMS, MPP databases
    • Deep knowledge of and experience with one or more high level programming languages like Python, Java, Javascript
    • Experience with marketing analytics infrastructure as well as product analytics tools like Amplitude
    • Working experience in big data processing using distributed processing frameworks like Spark, Hadoop Map Reduce.
    • Experience in a data-driven environment designing and building metrics-focused deliverables in a technical, consumer-facing business
    • Deep experience with one or more analytic reporting tools (Tableau, AWS Quicksight etc.)
Estimated annual salary range: $170,000 – $212,000 USD plus Equity.
Plus benefits include medical, vision, dental, 401K plan, generous time off, parental leave, wellness reimbursements, professional development, employee investing discount, and more!
Everyone across the financial spectrum deserves to live secure and rewarding lives. In order to successfully serve clients across the United States, the Wealthfront team is focused on hiring team members with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
Wealthfront started with the ambition to transform the investment advisory business, with the goal to unlock access to high quality investment advice for millions who were underserved by the traditional institutions. We built the first automated investment product that allows you to invest in a personalized portfolio of thousands of companies in seconds for a remarkably low fee; we then expanded into banking which made it remarkably easy for people to automate their finances end-to-end and eliminated the hassle of money management, all of which resulted in attracting more than $43 billion of our client’s hard earned savings, created the robo-advisor category and transformed the broader industry. And yet, we have a long way to go to achieve our mission to build a financial system that favors people, not institutions.
Wealthfront’s vision is to make it delightfully easy to build long-term wealth on your own terms. This vision is more relevant than ever because millions more people are getting into the market early and investing their hard earned savings in a handful of stocks. While this is a great way to start, it is inconsistent with building long-term wealth. We want to empower young investors to expand their horizon, and easily explore and execute on a wider range of investing strategies, make informed investment decisions that are consistent with their values and beliefs while also making it effortless to grow and compound their savings exponentially, that’s transformational to their lives and their long-term future.
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